One of the main profiles of our company is the construction of halls, industrial halls and warehouses. We carry out the work from groundwork to turnkey.

Our aim is always to meet the customer’s requirements to the maximum. We consider it important that the hall to be built is adapted to both the customer’s needs and the production technology.

When designing and constructing halls, it is worthwhile to thoroughly assess and think through the project in order to avoid costly operational difficulties in existing halls. Our company can also help customers with this.

We specialise in the construction of large span halls without supporting columns. We build halls up to a span of 40 metres.

Our annual capacity per floor area is 100 000 m2.

Our company philosophy is to provide high expertise, quality materials, precision, accuracy and professionalism to meet the needs of our customers. We aim to provide a complete and cost-effective service to all our Clients.

In order to achieve the most cost-effective investment and long-term operation, our company applies the latest alternative technical solutions, focusing on hall construction, with highly skilled colleagues. Our solutions provide the building with improved physical properties, without affecting its aesthetic and usability values. We have built numerous warehouses, production halls and factory buildings.

Organisational structure of our company, HSMK Ltd.